Saturday, November 19, 2016

A short hike in Nuuksio

Finally at the end of October I found some time to go on a short hike in Nuuksio Nationalpark. Together with my good friend we hiked around 25 km from monday afternoon to tuesday morning. It was raining or snowing almost the entire time. 

A presentation of my dinner:

At first we tried to find a certain unmarked path that was supposed to take us to a couple of lakes in the northern parts of the park. But we encountered the same problem as before: there are an abundance of paths in the park and most of them are not shown on the maps. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find the right one and hiking outside of the paths is just not feasible because of the terrain. 

So, after searching for a couple of hours we decided to head for our campsite. We reached it just before sundown at 6 pm. The night was somewhat chilly at 0 C and a wind of 3-4 m/s. I stayed warm in my Fjellduken and blanketshirt. I slept under my Basha tarp and my friend pitched a tent. In the morning it was snowing as we hiked back to the car. We met a group of elementary school kids on the way int to the park and a whole bus of tourists. And that was the end of this getaway. Untill the next time.

Note the sawdust beneath the fallen birch. It's created by bark beetles eating their way in to the tree to lay their eggs.

I hate stairs! All 319 of them!


a light layer of snow on the ground in the morning

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