Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Microadventure: Nuuksio nationapark

Good night selfie

And yet another microadventure in Nuuksio nationalpark. Beautiful weather, clear sky and +15 C in the day and just above 0C in the night. The park was almost empty and I didn't encounter see other ones spending the night there. The only company I had was a frog that observed me during the night. 

Near my camp site I picked up an disposable grill and an old broken bottle. This makes me sad. If one is able to carry something into the woods, one can carry it out of there and dispose of it properly!

The last storm created some havock

Up and down, stairs stairs stairs..

Mountain bikers destroy the trails..

Supper coming up!

The luxury bed, Fjellduken!

Some snow left in may!

Did I mention the stairs?

Stairs? yes.

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