Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tad Litespeed update

A while back I made a short video on the Triple Aught Design FastPack Litespeed reengineered modell for 2015. Here I present a few thoughts about the pack after using for a year, mainly things that I don't think work too well. Overall I like the bag and it works for my needs(EDC, general use, outdoors/hiking..). The things that I dislike about this bag are:

The shoulder straps. They're cut straight and kind of narrow in my mind. I preferred the modell on the older packs, the contoured S-shaped. These new ones tend to warp or twist outward or toward my armpits. This result in them digging into my chest. The chest-strap takes care of this problem. The shoulder straps are not great, but not crap either. In this video I present this problem:

The chest strap. Overall its a good chest straps, but the webbing material on one side was cut too short. After using the pack a few times I was on the commuter train on my way to work and suddenly the female buckle, the triglide and the strap just fell on the floor when I was taking off the pack. I found that the webbing was cut too short. So short that I couldn't fit all the pieces back together! I swapped the piece to another, longer and thicker, and it works perfectly!

I swapped the webbing on the right side of the chest-strap for a longer and thicker piece.

The bottom straps. The bag has two straps at the bottom of the pack for tightening the pack and securing items on the pack. The straps are made of the same kind of webbing material that is found on the rest of the pack. They come with high-quality ITW nexus hardware. However the straps are way too short! I'd expect straps like theese to be at least a 100 cm or so in lengt, but no. These are more like 50-60cm and non-removable(not without a knife anyway). I can barely fit a British windproof smock or my Jerven Fjellduken liner(see pics). A small jacket, rolled, is ideal. But anything bigger is just, well too big.

Jerven Fjellduken liner barely "fits" in the bottom straps.

Jerven Fjellduken liner barely "fits" in the bottom straps.

British windproof smock strapped to bottom, straps are as loose as they can be.

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