Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Russian 6Sh112 daypack

Review of the russian military 6Sh112 daypack. This small pack is currently used by the russian armed forces. It is a straight forward and no bullshit approach on a pack. There are no bells and whistles, the pack is in camo and many would say ugly. However, if one likes a simple and functional design at an affordable price it is a real bargain.

The pack is designed to go with the combat west and therefore designed to ride high up on the back, so that it doesn't interfere with any of the pouches. Mine is in digiflora camo pattern and made of some sort of nylon similar to 500D cordura. There is no frame, but the pack has some padding in the back made of the same material as the shoulder straps.

The pack is approx. 45 cm tall, 30 cm wide and 20 deep adding up to 30 litres of capacity. The pack has two external side pockets roomy enough to accommodate a 1L Nalgene + a scarf each. The side pockets are only attached by the sides so that one can slide flat or long items, eg. an axe, trekking poles, shovel, behind them. The lid has two small and flat pockets closed with velcro. One holds the snow cover for winter use and the other can hold a small first aid kit or similar. On the inside of the pack there is one flat pocket on the front side, big enough for a moleskine or similar. The pack has two areas of Molle/Pals webbing, one on the front 7x7 rows and on the lid 5x5 rows. The pack has no hydration ports or hooks or pockets for a bladder.

The pack has compression straps at the bottom, sides and on the front closing the lid. All the straps are very generous in length, allowing sleeping pads and bags to be attached on the outside of the pack. The shoulder straps are well padded and wide. They can be adjusted both from the end of the padding and from the end that meets the pack(see picture). The straps are long enough for any person wearing a big coat or vest.

I guess these packs are kind of hard to find, but there are a few out there on eBay and a few companies shipping worldwide out of Russia. Here in Finland one company; Varusteleka, sells the packs as part of a set comprising the vest, pouches and the pack. I got mine for 20€ from a guy who only wanted the west and pouches, but not the bag.

That said, I think 20€ is a good price for bag like this. It is simple and sturdy, and yet it has enough lashing points and configuration options to cover everything from day hikes to a extended weekend bushcraft trip.
Front of the pack with Jerven liner strapped to the bottom

Back side of the pack with Jerven liner strapped to the bottom

Side of the pack with Jerven liner strapped to the bottom and axe beind side pocket

Long items, eg. an axe, can be inserted in between the side pockets and the main pocket. 

Small pocket in lid holding snow cover

Small pocket in lid, approx 0.5L

The pack is closed by a cordage and a snowcollar
The shoulder straps can be adjusted from both ends with ample lenght

Bottom straps are long enough to accommodate a winter sleeping bag. Here Jerven liner.
Chest strap and shoulder straps(Blogger keeps turning this pic upside down, sorry!)

Small flat pocket inside the main pocket of the pack

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