Monday, February 29, 2016

Savotta Retkilaukku 16 upgrades

Here are the upgrades I recently made to the Savotta Retkilaukku 16 - haversack. Mainly the shoulder strap, because the original one was just silly!

 I bought all the supplies from Varusteleka for around 10€. All the sewing was made on my Singer Heavy-duty 4423 sewing machine. It took me all in all 15min to complete the upgrades.

Theese upgrades could of course be done on any shoulder bag!

- 3m of  green heavy duty 40mm webbing strap, milspec rated av 1200kg and above
- 4 itw nexus triglides, milspec(-50 to +60 degrees, over 150 kg...)
- 2 itw nexus quick release buckles milspec(-50 to +60 degrees, over 150 kg...)
- 1 german army(Bundeswhere) surplus strap padding

What I did was:

1. remove the original strap that was a ca 80cm long an 20mm wide webbing strap sewn into place at one end and adjustable at the other with a metal triglide.
2. Cut 2 25 cm long pieces of the 40mm strap
3. Sew the 25cm straps to the bag, one at each side. I used a straight stitch, 2mm, and sewed "a box" with a "cross" and then reinforced the stitching with a tight zigzag at the top and bottom of "the box"(see picture). I used a standard all-round foot for the machine and a jersey needle.
4. Cut the main strap to roughly 130cm
5. Attach the QR-buckles to the straps on the bag with triglides and to the main strap.
6. I burned all the ends with a cigarette lighter to keep them from unthreading
7. Place the padding on the strap
8. adjust the straps and voila: done!

With the hardware I used the stitching or the bag will break before any of the straps or plastic parts.

"the box" from the outside

"the box" from inside

Strap  and hardware configuration 

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