Monday, December 7, 2015

Not a survival tip

This is not a survival tip! This may lead to severe hypotermia in a emergency or survival situation!

Recently I stumbled on a pin explaining how to stay warm during a cold night in a survival situation. Nothing wrong with that. Staying warm ie. finding a shelter is your number one priority in a survival type scenario. However this tip or guide shows a method that is dangerous to try if one is stuck somewhere far away from civilisation. Let me explain why.

First, a short summary of the method: dig a large shallow pit, burn approximately one cubic meter of wood in the pit. Cover the hot coals with dirt and rocks. Gather and lay logs on top of the rock covered pit. Lay down to sleep on all this. Sure the ground will not be ice cold, it will probably be too warm to sleep on!

Now let me explain why this is madness! If you are in a survival type of situation you will most likely be: exhausted, deprived of food and sleep, cold, without water and proper clothing. Not to mention without the necessary tools! If you'd have the tools to dig a pit, ie. move a cubic meter of dirt, you wouldn't be in a emergency. Think of all the energy digging, chopping, cutting, covering etc. would consume! If you are out in the cold, rain, blizzard without a shelter the last thing to do is to start cutting down a tree! You will be better off gathering dry and dead branches off the ground. Have you ever tried to dig a large hole in your backyard or maybe a foxhole during military service? Well, then you know it is hard work and time consuming!

To sum up:
1. This method consumes to much energy and time
2. You will most likely be lacking the necessary tools
3. Hypotermia is a real threat under sub-zero conditions!

Don't believe everything you read online! Don't try this anywhere else but your backyard!

What should you do then:

1. Don't get lost!
2. Wear proper clothing and be properly equipped!

If you do get lost or caught in a storm:

1. Find natural shelter: behind a rock, under/behind a dense three
2. Signal for help: your mobilephone, smoke/fire, emergency whistle, emergency flare...
3. Make it easier to find you! Leave visible markings around you.
4. If you can start a fire!
5. Wait out the storm

Here is the description of the pin on pinterest:
Stay Warm in a Fire Bed. This is an epic fix to a survival problem: how to get through a cold night in the wild. This eight-step process involves rocks, coals and logs.
And here is the pin:

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