Friday, November 13, 2015

New planner system

I am obsessed with notebooks and planners. At least in my mind. For some years now I have tried to find or develop the perfect time management system. I have tried Filofax in personal and A5 size with Filofax original inserts, my own custom inserts, bullet journal, different planners and journals. I have come to the conclusion that the simplest solution is the best and most adaptable.

Paper + a digital calendar works best for my purposes. The digital calendar gives plenty of flexibility and can be shared with family members and co-workers. Paper is super user friendly, adaptable, has no synchronisation issues and each page loads super fast and crystal clear.

My most recent system is a synthesis of a bullet journal and my diy Filofax calendar-inserts in a simple A4 squared notebook from our local super market. My system is built on using the whole space of two pages of the notebook for one week worth of tasks, appointments and notes.

On the left page at the top is a simple weekly calendar field for visualising my appointments and tasks, ie. making them actionable with a due date. Included here are also important calendar notes: days off, the liturgical year(I'm a pastor), important dates etc.

Under the calendar field is a column for a "to do"-list. For this I use symbols close to those of the Bullet journal-system. If the column is filled, I will simply draw another one besides it. Paper is highly adaptable. On the right side of the to do-list, and below the calendar field, is a blank space for short notes, task etc. Most of the time I fill this space with notes from different meetings.

The whole right page of the notebook spread is reserved for notes from and for appointments and tasks. Often notes regarding eg. a sermon, worship night or a baptism.

I usually draw/make the fields for four months in advance, which takes me about half an hour.

Needed for this system: a notebook, pen and ruler, time for drawing all the lines and fields.

My planner system with all fields empty

Planner system with example 1. of all fields in use 

Planner system with example 2. of all fields in use 

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