Friday, October 30, 2015

Some thought on the Suunto Core - watch

I bought my first Suunto wristwatch(more like wristtop computer) almost 15 years ago. It was a all black Vector with barometer and compass.  It was big and chunky and I loved it. Then one day it just stopped working. It just broke down in front of my eyes. It just shut down and had been expensive to fix it. A few years later the updated Core was announced and I bought one with green details. I've had this watch now for five or six years.
Suunto Core with lime-green details. 

The small plastic keeper that keeps the loose end nice and firm in place tends to break. If so the whole strap must be replaced, 25€ for a new one. 

The surface texture on the rotating "compass-ring" has torn my short cuff. 
I've had the Suunto as my everyday watch and on hiking tours. The barometer and altimeter come in handy when navigating. The Core has everything I need in a EDC watch: time, calendar, stop-watch for the gym, alarm and water resistance. In my opinion the buttons are a bit wobbly and need a firm press all the way in order to work. Sometimes I've failed to press the button in all the way and the stop-watch hasn't stopped or started. Annoying, but not critical or life-threatening.

However this is my second Core. On the first one the light button stopped working. And since I had locked the menu button and the only way to unlock it was to long-press the light-button nothing worked. I got a new watch for free from Suunto and it has been qoing now for a few years. I've had to replace the strap a few times due to normal wear and tear. However the strap is not cheap, it's about 25€ for a simple piece of plastic. Just recently I noticed a malfunction in the barometer display. I am unable to set a reference value for the barometer and thus the barometer is rendered useless. I contacted Suunto and they wanted me to send in the watch for repairs, which would cost me 70€ just to get a diagnosis. That's it I am done with Suunto! I would like to support domestic companies, but Suunto has failed me too many times.

The Core model I have has proud buttons with almost sharp surface texture. I have scratched my arm many times on them when strapping on the watch. The surface texture on the "compass-ring" has torn up the cuff on my favourite shirt. So I will be getting a classic Casio g-shock 5600 soon!

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