Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mircoadventure in Nuuksio nationalpark

Recently I was on another microadeventure in Nuuksio nationalpark. Initally I planned to walk roughly 22km from Salmi via Kattila and Holma-Saarijärvi to the bus stop at Haltia. However I involuntary partake in what, if escalated, had been a serious survival situation. A few persons were out for a day hike, ill prepared in my mind. They had no map and apparently hadn't looked up the trails before heading out. They were only wearing sneakers and sweatshirts. Considering the biggest trails are quite well marked in Nuuksio and they had managed to follow one back to their car before sunset they had been fine.

The sun had already set, but the moon and stars weren't visible yet. It was the darkest time in the woods. So there I was cooking dinner near were I was going to stay for the night. This man with two teenage girls came out of nowhere. Approached me. I could tell that the man was frightened and alarmed. He told me hey were lost, had no lights, maps or anything. So I escorted them back to main trail approxmiately 2km through the dark forest in the light from my headlamp. The man was on the verge of panicking and almost ran ahead of me. They continued on the main trail back to their car and I walked back to my dinner. Though not far from the main trail, they would have had a hard time finding their way back through the pitch black forest. If they had stopped, hypotermia would have been a serious threat considering it was only a few degrees at the time and a cold night was coming.

All in all everything went well. But please remember to gear up properly even for a short hike! Map, water, coat, light...

After this I had a pleasant night under the stars.  The only disturbance during the night was the couple having sex(she was loud!) in the tent across the lake. Either they didn't know I was there or just didn't care. I slept well for the rest of the night in my Jerven Fjellduken and had a good cup of coffee in the morning. I continued to the bus stop at Haltia. Since I was early/late for the bus I walked 3km to the next bus stop to kill some time. Approx. 28km all in all.

The beginning of the trail in Salmi

Autumn lake


Afternoon sun on a lake

Making dinnre

The bunk for the night

Stairs, stairs and more stairs

Frost in the morning

The trail to Haltia

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