Sunday, August 2, 2015

My adventures with linux

A few months a go I switched from a MacBook Air to a Thinkpad x230 and linux. The switch was something I had been thinkin about for the past two years. I had considered linux already when I was about to purchase the MacBook Air, but I was overwhelmed by the multitude of linux systems and software.
X230 with a fresh install of LinuxMint

For the past two years I have been trying out linux systems on the Macbook using a usb thumbdrive. I even tried doublebooting it. I was very fond of the Mac os Snow Leopard, but after that it went downhill in my opinion. I was especiellally aanoyed by apps continually prompting me for iCloud and passwords. Appstore being the big bad boss of them all. Switching o linux has been liberating in many ways, even though there are a few things I still miss from the mac-world.

That said I am very pleased with the X230 that I bought used and Manjaro linux. I started out with Ubuntu, but after two weeks I realised it wasn't for me. Those long commands in the terminal and the overall order of things wasn't for me. So I switched to Mint, which I liked a lot! Mint is absolutely faboulus, but it's still debian based. For me everything is fine as long as I don't have to use the command line. Which is about five minutes.

Next up was OpenSuse first with Gnome and then KDE. I didn't like OpenSuse at all! YaSt was unpleasant to use and the whole system was unlogical for me. Gnome was okay, KDE was a mess!

It was time for the big boys game: Arch. Previously Arch has been for me something for true geeks and true geeks only. But after some research I fell in love with Arch. It is so simple and logical, the command line is pleasant and fast to use. Through Spatrys excellent youtube channel I came in to contact with Manjaro, which is a Arch based distro. Arch is fabulous, but bleeding edge. Manjaro is Arch stabilized.

I have used Manjaro now for the past three months and I love it! It is easy and fun to use, it works out of the box, I have had very few problems and things work the way I expect them to. I can honestly recommend Manjaro!

Here are my favourite linux sowtwares so far:
- LibreOffice
- Firefox
- Darktable (photo edit software)
- GIMP (image editor)
- AMOR (On-screen creature)
- OpenRA (Red Alert look alike game)
- Xiphos (Bible software)

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