Saturday, May 30, 2015

TAD Fastpack Litespeed REENGINEERED overview

I use my Goruck GR2 pack for almost everything, and absolutely love it! Altough for EDC it is a bit too big and my slim briefcase is some time too small. The TAD Litespeed fits just in between. It is a great little pack with many features. It is perhaps the most versatile and modular system or packing plattform I have seen.

My short video overview:

It comes with 22l room inside, 2 inside pocket, 1 outside and of course he transporter tail. The transporter tail allows for carrying items of varying sizes that do not fint inside the pack, eg. tripods. The transporter tail can also be mounted on the inside of the pack as a separator. Inside of the pack there is no pocket for a waterbladder or computer on the back side. If you want one you have to use the transporter tail. As I understand it TAD is soon relasing some sort of transporter tail for the inside of the pack.

The only downside of the pack in my opinion are the shoulder straps. I think they are too narrow and I prefer a curve on mine. The pack is in no way unfomfortable to carry, it is just my personal preference.

Litespeed and 1L Nalgene bottle

 Nalgene inside transporter tail
 The inside of the pack, 6 attachment point on the side, 2 on bottom, 2 at the top
 2 wide attachment points at the bottom for transporter tail
 Attachment points, 1 strap for water bladder. Note: no pocket for a hydration bladder
 2 pockets on the inside
 Admin pocket
 PALS/MOLLE on the side, 1 wide
 Hole for feeding water hose
 Pack with Thinkpad, sweater, Nalgene inside
 Pack with tripod in the outside
 OP1 for size
 OP1 fits inside bottom pocket
 Goruck GR2 for size


  1. I have the Khard 30 and have been thinking about this pack as well. Which one do you prefer? Or do you use them for different things?

    1. I use them for diffenrent things. I use the khard mainly for outdoors-activities, I find the khard a bit bulky and therefore unconvenient in public transport. The litespeed is a lot more streamlined and can easily be carried in crammed trains an busses. I use the litespeed for EDC and hauling cameragear, eg . the transport-tail is perfect for a tripod. All that said, if I had to choose I would choose the litespeed. Hope this helps!

    2. I can see that. The khard is a great pack, and I would likely keep it, but it does seem a bit big. I love the side handles though.

      How do you feel about the 22 liters on the Litespeed? Is there anything you absolutely dislike about it? The size is my main hangup at this point.

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    4. I thought I replied you already a few days ago, but apparently the reply dissapeard into the eter. Anyways...for me the 22L are ample space for my purposes. I can fit a laptop, a book, waterbottle, sweater and odds & ends(=my EDC) in it. However all that plus gym clothes do not fit at the same time.

      For me the Litespeed is perfect as a day pack(Waterbladder, clothes, snacks, camera..) or for birdwatching(tripod, spottingscope, raingear, snacks, warm pullover..). Hope this helps you understanding the size!

    5. Oh, haha, no worries.

      That is where I am at, trying to decide if 22L is a good size. My Khard is empty a bit, but it is nice to have the extra space in case I need to jam stuff in there. I will likely pick one up at some point, but I would certainly like to see TAD make one closer to 25 or 26L, like the GR1. I have one of those as well, but it got too simple for my tastes, if that makes sense.