Monday, April 6, 2015

Pen: Cross Switch

Almost a year ago I was ordained a priest in the Lutheran Church in Finland. For this occasion my wife bought me a awesome pen: Switch by Cross(she did indeed intend the pun!). The pen came in a fancy box(in the pic) and with
Cross pen with the pencil "container". Matchbox for size.
two different "guts"/containers. The pen can use both ink and be a pencil with 0.5 graphite leads. Both come in the box and hence the name "Switch".

I have only been using the ink pen and it is great! The pen or the outer shell is sleek and the pen slips easily into the inner pocket on my suit. The pen has a smooth and shiny black finish with some metal coloured details. One simply twists the two halves of the pen in opposite directions in order to hide the writing end of the ink container.

The pen is gorgeous and a joy to write with. It suits my professional needs well: it is discreet yet quite fancy! It easily follows with me anywhere in my pocket and is at the ready at any time for some notes or signing a document. 

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