Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Micro adventure in Nuuksio nationalpark

I recently was on a micro adventure in Nuuksio nationalpark in southern Finland. My adventure ended up as one night and 23 km walked. This time of year(mid april), off-season and on a monday totuesday the park felt almost empty. I counted to nine other people on the trails compared to hundreds in-season and on weekends.

My micro adventure started in Veikkola ended at Haltia via Haukkalampi. I spent the night at Holma-Saarijärvi and for once I was allowed to stay the night there alone. I pitched my tarp right at the shoreline with a fantastic view on the lake and a beautiful night with starlight. My sleep was not uninterrupted though, because of some red-throated divers(gavia stellata) that decied upon mating and a noisy concert in the middle of the night!

Monday started with fair and warm weather: +15 degrees celsius and sunny! The night was fair, but quite chilly and the temperature dropped to about one degree in the morning accompanied by light snowfall. Some snow remained in the woods here and there and many lakes still had a icy topping.
What more can I say; I had a terrific time by myself out in the woods of Southern Finland(even though I don't like Nuuksio at all: too much people, too many man-made paths). The tarp, the Jerven Fjellduken liner, Goruck GR2, Solo Stove and  other gear performed as expected.

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