Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Tobacco pipe pouch

For some time I've wanted some sort of pouch or case that could hold my tobacco smoking pipe, tobacco, matches and the "tools" required. But I haven't been able to find one I like. Of course there are those pouches that have a pocket for the tobacco on top and with a zippered pocket for the pipe & tools at the bottom. I tried one of those, but I didn't like it. Was to tight and crammed.

So I made my own! It took me 5 min to sew after I cut out the cloth from an old parka I was trowing away. I sewed it like a old-fashioned tool wrap(tool-kit-whatever-they-are-called) with three pockets on the inside and a wrap-around string closure on the outside. Perfect, if I may say so.

How I did it: First I cut out the piece of cloth, then placed my pipe, tools, tobacco on the cloth and drew  a line around them into a rectangle, divided the rectangle into three smaller ones forming the pockets, drew around the rectangle forming the flaps forming the actual pockets, sew a edge around the entire piece with the strings at on end, sew  down the flaps forming the pockets and voila!