Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: Fast Pack EDC

This is a review for the Flyye Fast Pack EDC, which is a copy of the Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC. The guys at ITS tactical have made an outstanding review of the TAD original. Their emphasis on military use, mine on civilian. I bought the Flyye model for about half the prize of a TAD.

The Flyye Fast Pack is made of 1000D Cordura, which means it is sturdy and a bit on the heavier side. The TAD original is a bit lighter and made of several different materials. If you are looking for a light pack, the FAST Pack is not for you. The Flyye FAST Pack holds about 30litres and weighs about 1.8kg(for comparison my 80 litre hiking pack weighs about the same). The back has a removable thick plastic support sheet which gives the pack rigidity. Despite its weight it is the most comfortable pack I have ever owned, when I have it on I do not even notice the extra weight. It is super comfortable!

The Fast Pack has one feature that I have not seen on any other pack: a transport tail, ie. flap that allows for easy carry of a rifle or other long item. This is the reason I bought the pack in the first place. I do not carry around a rifle, but a sturdy and big tripod. This pack is the best carrying solution for a heavy tripod I have come across. Besides the transport tail the Fast Pack has pretty "basic" pack features: top "admin" pocket, front pocket, removable hip belt and sternum strap, pocket for hydration bladder och laptop, internal organisation pocket, side pockets and compression straps. The pack also has a "flashlight cave", ie. a side pocket that opens to the bottom. It allows for quick access to flashlight or similar tool. On the Flyye Fast Pack the side pocket are quite small and useless. They are better on the TAD original.

I use the pack daily for hauling books, a Macbook air 13", gym-gear + other EDC items, and the pack performs well for this task. I regularly use the pack for trekking and birdwatching. The pack easily accommodates my gear: usually a big tripod, spotting scope, food, water, rain gear and a warm jacket. I have used the pack for traveling, mainly extended weekends, and it can hold everything I need for a week. And best of all the pack is still carry-on size for airplanes.

To sum up: I love this pack, best one I have ever owned! It is extremely useful and versatile. Even after a year of hard use the pack feels, looks and smells new.

I hope that these pictures are helpfull:

The pack has a lot of MOLLE/PALS webbing on the outside for attaching additional pouches.
The pack from the side: compression straps, useless side pockets and zipper into hydration pocket. MOLLE/PALS attachment points.
The back of the pack is fully lined and formed for maximum comfort. Below the pack is the removable hip-belt. 
The hip belt. Approx. 5cm wide, fully padded and lined with MOLLE/PALS

The transport tail:
Notice: quick release buckles are male & female on same side
The pack with a Benro tripod(approx. 85 cm long) attached:
The top "admin" pocket with internal organisation slots for pens and such:
Top pocket with velcro on the outside for insignia and morale patches:
Outside pocket, fits eg. ipad mini or Moleskine notebook
 Sternum strap:
The shoulder straps can be opened with a quick release buckle:
Macbook Air 13" fits easily in the hydration compartment:
 Inside of pack. Internal organisation pocket on the left, seperate organisation panel on the left.
Organisation panel from TAD, bought seperately. Lined with MOLLE on the other side
Organisation panel attachment and 3 attachment options for hydration bladder. The bladder can be attached on the inside of the pack or in the hydration compartment.
Hydration bladder attachment options.
Port for hydration bladder hose or cabels:
Attachment for hydration bladder hose on shoulder strap:
Pack with Source 3.0l XWP bladder on top. The Source 3litre bladder fits perfectly inside the hydration compartment.
 Some stuff in order to show what the pack can hold, from the top: Thermarest sleeping pad, US Poncho liner rolled, light weight tarp, light weight hammock, Rain Poncho and FAST Helmet.
 All the stuff(except helmet)inside the pack, poncho and hammock on top:
Pack with all the stuff inside and FAST helmet under the transport tail:
The pack with additional MOLLE pouches:
Some of the additional MOLLE pouches:
My luggage for a 4-day long conference: clothes, rain gear, sleeping bag, ipad, camera..
 Everything packed in the FAST pack, except what I wore for the flight:
 Additional images:

 I want to thank you for reading this blog post!