Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carry-on packing

In recent years I have discovered that I can live with very little stuff, especially when travelling. Hence during the last two years my luggage has been carry-on size, or at least my part of the luggage(when we travel as a family stuff accumulates of course). My trips have included conferences, camps, sightseeing, adventures, rain, snow, cold, warm, formal parties & meetings and very informal bushwhacking.

My most recent trip was a four day student conference in Denmark. We were accommodated on floors in classrooms . The hosts provided mattresses, but nothing more. So my pack had to include: sleeping bag, wash kit, towel, warm clothing, rain gear, clothes(casual business style), bible and something to take notes on. The weather was rainy with a temperature of ca 10 degrees Celsius.

My kit for this trip reflects very much what I usually pack, I might add some gym gear and depending on season some clothes.

My pack for Denmark:

- Flyye Fast Pack EDC pack, ca 30 litres
- HSGI T.E.A. Bag as a EDC bag on the conference
- Camera, Fujifilm x-e1 + Xf 35mm, spare battery
- Sleeping bag, Halti + liner + pillow
- Haglöfs stuff vest
- 2 shirts, 2 pants, 1 sweater, underhirts, boxers, socks, woolen socks, tie
- Fjällräven G1000 coat + Mac in a sac raincoat
- 1 pair Brown derby shoes + galoshes
- hat, necktube, gloves, cap
- pocket towel, wash kit
- iPad + keypad + charger, phone + charger, headset
- pens, flashlight, passport, wallet
- packing pouches

All items:

Items packed, the rest worn: